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Sometimes dogs can get very sleepy. Sleepy enough to fall over even.
But sometimes, the place dogs pick to get this sleepy might not be very.. Practical! (You’ll see what I mean soon enough.)

To all adorable puppies at home I would like to say, don’t try this at home! Even so, it does make for a cute video.

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Celebrate – today is far from Ordinary! And it is indeed far from ordinary to see a racoon playing with water in a little pool! It is also very cute and extremely adorable, so I’m hoping more people will give their cute pets a bath and post this on YouTube where we can see it.

Come on people, get out there with your adorable looking pets! Share the cuteness with us!

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The zoo is a great place to watch cute animals do even cuter things. But I believe that the cutest things happen outside of the public eye. For instance, when it’s time to give a little baby Gorilla a bath!
So that’s why it’s time to share this lovely video with you, of Baby Joe the Gorilla who is very willingly taking his bath, with some help of one of the zoo keepers.

I just wonder what he’d be like during feeding time? I’m sure it would make for another extremely cute monkey video.

”Baby Joe and a chimpanzee from Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, UK take a bath. Lovely shots of Joe splashing around in ecstasy. Filmed in 1967.”

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