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I'm very cute.

Awwww….! (I think that’s enough said, don’t you?)

This super cute kitten has gotten it’s picture taken by Misschix0r, and be warned, this isn’t the only adorable photo she’s managed to take!

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I was confused for a second here, but this cute puppy is an actual dog and not a toy!
It loves chewing on the ears of innocent (unless proven otherwise) cats and fortunately for the puppy, this cat doesn’t seem to mind it too much, because I think we all know what would happen when a cat does mind..

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Who said anything about toys being only for little ones?

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Oh how adorable these little plushies are !!

Guess someone’s been staying up late doing creative things?
That’s right! All of these plushies have been handmade by Miss Ileana herself! What’s even more fun to know, is that you can buy them on her website! Want to see more of her cute creations? Then I suggest you give Violet Lunchell Creations a visit.

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