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” Well well, what have we got here? A nice little carpet laid out right in front of the door and it’s actually made of a good fabric. I’ll take it!” – was exactly what he was thinking when he snuck into the house through the cat’s door and took the carpet from this poor, poor family.
It’s true, raccoons are so cute, they get away with things like this! (sometimes it’s just because people mistake them for skunks and are too afraid they’ll spray on them though)

But don’t worry, I’m sure the cute little fella has returned this lovely carpet afterwards. Right..?
Well, if he didn’t, I’m sure he donated it to charity! Because cute animals do good things. (like making you smile after a long day of work!)

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Being cute has many advantages. It makes people more prone to like you, you get more hugs and sometimes even more treats. But another thing is, that people don’t get angry at you that fast – not even when you attempt to steal their sunglasses and run off with them. And not even, when you then try to smash these same sunglasses by throwing them down from a tree!

No, if you’re cute enough, people still won’t be mad at you after all of this. You know what, I bet you they’d probably even let you bite their elbow while you plot how you’re going to steal their wallet next!

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There’s a whole lot of rocks in antartica, but why bother looking for them yourself if you can ‘borrow’ them from your neighbors?
That’s exactly what these cute little criminal penguins were thinking when they saw their neighbors coming home with some nice rocks.

Yes, penguins, I say it’s time to evolve and buy yourselves a nice home with a big lock on the door! (But please don’t stop trying to steal rocks from each other, because it’s adorably cute!)

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