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Ever had one of those days, where you just wanted to take a nap on your dad’s head?
Maybe it’s not perfect, he does have high cheekbones that kinda push in your stomach and his curly hair does kinda itch..
But it’s still a good place to sleep. Ofcourse, it’s not something you should be doing once you’re older than a few months, because your dad might get a bit of a headache that way and that wouldn’t be too kind now would it? For now, he doesn’t seem to mind it much though.

Hoorah for daddies.

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Sometimes dogs can get very sleepy. Sleepy enough to fall over even.
But sometimes, the place dogs pick to get this sleepy might not be very.. Practical! (You’ll see what I mean soon enough.)

To all adorable puppies at home I would like to say, don’t try this at home! Even so, it does make for a cute video.

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Oh my god that’s just so cute! Don’t you just want to tickle it’s belly when it does that? I do.

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