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The only thing this video is missing is an anthem, because these cute dogs are so fanatic in chasing their ball, they’ve convinced me they’re better in ball-games than any football team!
In fact, they should participate in the World Cup! Surely nobody would mind seeing their country being defeated in a game by these cutie pies!
And also, it would be a lot nicer to hear the whole stadium going ”aww” for a change, instead of booing and screaming at the players, right?

So, who’s going to write a recommendation letter for these cute Pugs?

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Ever taken a good look at police or guard dogs?
Most people find them really scary, as they are trained to attack and have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. However, they might not be as scary as you think..!
Ofcourse, they won’t hesitate to bite you if their owner tells them to and I don’t suggest petting them before asking their owner. But, most of these guard dogs are very well mannered and cuddly when they are off the job.
Just take a look at these dogs at King Ra’zac . All trained by their owner, Paula Braam, these dogs are not the kind you want to walk into in a dark alley at night. But look at how cute they actually are!
Amazing, right?
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