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For all lovers of Jewelry and all lovers of Steampunk, we’ve found the perfect website for you!

London Particulars is a nice little store on Etsy, where you can get all into Steampunk fashion! Whether you’re looking for necklaces, earrings, rings or even cufflinks and tie tacks, they’ve got it all!
So if you’ve got some time on your hands, get ready to admire what London Particulars has crafted together.

You can either go directly to their website by clicking here, or you can visit their shop on Etsy by clicking here.

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Looking for something to cuddle? Well, look no further!

Cheryl Rogers has had 21 years of experience in making bears, which one can tell straight away when looking into the eyes of her cute little teddy be.. Eh, excuse me: Barney Bears!
Barney Bears are traditionally made bears, made of 100% mohair.

Make sure to pay the BarneyBears4u shop a visit by clicking here!

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If you’re artistic enough to want to make your own jewelry, then you’re probably artistic enough to be able to make something like this! A lovely little flower pendant to wear on a necklace!

Piece of cake, right? Well, good luck!

Source: HandmadeJewelryClub at YouTube

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A lot! Just watch.

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Almost any girl you’ll ever meet will agree with me that women’s shoes are, besides from absolutely gorgeous and cute, painful and impossible to walk long distances on. We wouldn’t be wearing them at all, were it not that they looked so good on us.
Yes, we probably all agree that guys are very lucky creatures, as they (well, most of them anyway) don’t have to wear our shoes.

Of course there are some confused guys, who don’t seem to get how lucky they are to have the privilege to come home without bleeding heels and swollen ankles and seem as tempted to buy a couple of cute shoes as we are. Well Leo, if you weren’t a cute lazy cat, who probably doesn’t walk a step in the shoes you’re wearing, I would’ve said ”Well done boy!”, but in this case ”aww <3” will do.

Who's a pretty boy!! Me, I am!!
Source: cuteoverload.com

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You’ll want to pay attention now girls! Because my my, is this one cute hairstyle!
And when I say cute, I don’t mean cute as in you’ll-be-mistaken-for-a-toddler-cute, but I mean fashionably cute!

Now thanks to Thuha’s very easy tutorial here, we’ll all be able to look this cute!

Anyone mind to share the results of this fluffy hairstyle with us? We’re betting you’ll look great!

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I’m really in a bit of a polymer clay mood here, that’s why I am sharing all these cute charms with you!
These charms were made by Funkypinkgal on youtube – and she has made a lot of them!
There’s some cute little bears in customes, a pancake, a melon cupcake and loads more, so I hope you’ve found yourself a good seat in front of your computer screen!

Want more of this clay-cuteness? Then you’d better keep following this blog – I’ll be sure to find you some more nice videos soon.

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Some people make doodles with them during class, other people simply use them to take notes, but the way Spanish student Carol has been using her pencils is much more impressive!

Can’t get enough of these lovely drawings either? Then make sure you’ll visit Carol’s sites: pinkarol’s deviantart, pinkarol’s blogspot & the kawaiifactory-shop.

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