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I’m really in a bit of a polymer clay mood here, that’s why I am sharing all these cute charms with you!
These charms were made by Funkypinkgal on youtube – and she has made a lot of them!
There’s some cute little bears in customes, a pancake, a melon cupcake and loads more, so I hope you’ve found yourself a good seat in front of your computer screen!

Want more of this clay-cuteness? Then you’d better keep following this blog – I’ll be sure to find you some more nice videos soon.

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Can things get too cute, possibly? Well, I think not!
Although this little polymer clay biscuit charm is really really cute!!

I’ve made a whole bunch of polymer clay charms myself, I’ve made all sorts of fruits, cupcakes, panda’s and bunnies – but none of them looked as good as this biscuit!
I guess I have an awful lot to learn from this tutorial. wink

So what do you think, are you going to have a try at it? But do remember, you can’t eat polymer clay charms – even though they may look delicious!

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