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Since it’s almost Halloween, it’s the perfect time to make Halloween treats.
I’ve been able to find the following mouthwatering Halloween treats, don’t they look deliciously cute (and a bit scary!)?

spooky halloween candy treats

Are you intending to have a Halloween party? If so I hope the above will help to inspire you to make some yummy things for the occasion! If you’re not having a party you could always just make them for yourself. (Or for the trick & treater’s, don’t forget about them!)

Wishing you all an awfully scary Halloween this year!!

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What’s cuter than a cat and a bear? A catbear ofcourse!
Unfortunately catbears are quite rare and you won’t come across one too often. If you do set your heart on spotting one in real life for yourself, my best advice to you would be to look in between your laundry. This is where catbears like to take their winter-nap. (Sometimes they can be found in the attic as well.)

Another thing you might want to try is to bake a fish and leave it to stand for a couple of hours near an open window, this could attract nearby hungry catbears. And don’t worry, even though hungry bears might be a little scary, catbears are much smaller and though they may try, they are usually quite unsuccessful in eating humans.

The last option you’d have, if you really can’t find a catbear anywhere, is to just go to the nearest store that sells baby clothes, and buy an adorable cute bear-hat for your even more adorable cat.

Good luck!


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