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Just look at these delicious little bread bears! They look so adorable in those cups. I bet they’d look even better if they’d be floating around in a bowl of soup! Or you could dip them in some milk maybe..
Ohhh, If only they were on my kitchen table, I’d be sinking my teeth into them as we speak!


Aw gosh, If only I had someone to make me some special cute bear bread!
Have you ever been able to make anything so yummy and cute like these bread bears? If so, you should share it with us!

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Weekly Cute Recipe

Time to enter gummy land!

Because what’s more fun than eating gummies? Making your own cute gummies!
This girl knows exactly how it’s done. Gummy fish shouldn’t be one color! No, she uses at least three!
Have you had a shot at Popin’ Cookin’ yet? If not, you should really give it a try soon, because not only is it adorably cute, it’s also very yummy!

Popin’ Cookin’ is a Japanese DIY candy making kit, and they have a variety of all sorts of cute foods, from Sushi to Icecream. If you’ve been following this blog you’ve already seen a few of their recipes fly by.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s cute recipe and I hope you’ll be checking in with us next week, to see what recipe we’ve found then!

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If ever I would find the patience in myself, to make something like this then I am quite sure that I could never find the courage to eat something which looks so cute.

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Saw something really cute?
Please let us know here and maybe we will post your image or youtube video.