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Meet Boxie.

It’s not hard to tell where this cute little cardboard robot got it’s name from.
Boxie is a mobile interactive robotic camera built with the goal of actively capturing stories about its environment and the people within it. It was made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

From the looks of the people which Boxie has encountered in this video, it seems that most people fall for it’s charms! Wouldn’t you fall in love with such a helpless cute little cardboard creature when you saw it? (I did!!)
I wonder if the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is planning on making more of these adorably cute robots soon?

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These little cuties may not be quite as cute once they’re all grown up… but for now, the only word that can be used to describe them is undoubtedly ”awwww”.

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Dogs love to learn, that’s why it’s so easy to teach them tricks like how to sit, how to roll over and how to fetch things. And just as with humans, there’s always the top of the class that can learn, well.. pretty much anything!

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Pigs are cute. I heart pigs. Pigs with hearts on their back, even cuter! I double heart this pig! <33

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Hi, I'm cute animal of the week! :D

Another week, another cutie pie to be featured on as our cute animal of the week!
This week we’ve found the most super-duper-duper cutest Fennec Fox in the world. This picture is screaming ”cuddle me!!”, that’s how cute it is!

source: http://tokyochel.blogspot.com

Do you own an adorably cute pet, or do you know someone who does?
Or do you just happen to have a lovely picture of one?

Don’t hesitate to let us know by sending the picture and your name to info@lovelipops.com !

We will notify you per email if you’re picture turns out to have the cutest animal of the week on it! (meaning we will feature it here ofcourse!!)


..What are you still waiting for?

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The only thing this video is missing is an anthem, because these cute dogs are so fanatic in chasing their ball, they’ve convinced me they’re better in ball-games than any football team!
In fact, they should participate in the World Cup! Surely nobody would mind seeing their country being defeated in a game by these cutie pies!
And also, it would be a lot nicer to hear the whole stadium going ”aww” for a change, instead of booing and screaming at the players, right?

So, who’s going to write a recommendation letter for these cute Pugs?

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Meet Jack!

Jack is a sheep who was rescued as a lamb and afterwards brought up together with a springer spaniel. Cute little Jack here now seems to think he is a sheep dog!
Jack is so sure he is a canine that he actually fetches sticks, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs and he even tries to bark!
Surprisingly enough, Jack doesn’t recognise his own kind and tries to herd sheep when he is put in the field together with the rest of his flock.

How adorable is that? A sheep that herds sheep!

Owners Alison Sinstadt, 48, and her partner Simon Sherwin, 50, were stunned when the Lleyn sheep was befriended by their nine-year-old springer spaniel Jessie.

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If you’ve ever seen a camel run, you’ll know it’s not a pretty sight.
However, something doesn’t need to be pretty to be cute! So meet Nessie, a cute camel who loves to run!

Beat that, athletes.

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Would you have guessed that this was what these cute husky dogs were arguing about?

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Here’s another video of yet another silly cat! This cat here seems to think he is a cobra, just watch the way he stands on his hind legs and bends his neck!
I would not want to mess with this kitty if I was the other cat..!

So now confess, did you bury your head in a pillow while watching this video? I bet you did, because this is one scarily cute cat right here.
Well, don’t worry, he may look like a cobra but he is not poisonous.

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