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Almost any girl you’ll ever meet will agree with me that women’s shoes are, besides from absolutely gorgeous and cute, painful and impossible to walk long distances on. We wouldn’t be wearing them at all, were it not that they looked so good on us.
Yes, we probably all agree that guys are very lucky creatures, as they (well, most of them anyway) don’t have to wear our shoes.

Of course there are some confused guys, who don’t seem to get how lucky they are to have the privilege to come home without bleeding heels and swollen ankles and seem as tempted to buy a couple of cute shoes as we are. Well Leo, if you weren’t a cute lazy cat, who probably doesn’t walk a step in the shoes you’re wearing, I would’ve said ”Well done boy!”, but in this case ”aww <3” will do.

Who's a pretty boy!! Me, I am!!
Source: cuteoverload.com

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