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Would you have guessed that this was what these cute husky dogs were arguing about?

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Every dog has his play. When certain things are left with dogs, anything can happen.

Where are these dogs going in such a hurry? Shot with a Phantom HD Gold at 1000fps, see dogs moving in slow motion like you’ve never seen them before!

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Dogs should be maintained in good body condition and not allowed to become overweight.

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I already thought it was cute to see a little child on a swing, but this is just a million times cuter!

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The only thing this video is missing is an anthem, because these cute dogs are so fanatic in chasing their ball, they’ve convinced me they’re better in ball-games than any football team!
In fact, they should participate in the World Cup! Surely nobody would mind seeing their country being defeated in a game by these cutie pies!
And also, it would be a lot nicer to hear the whole stadium going ”aww” for a change, instead of booing and screaming at the players, right?

So, who’s going to write a recommendation letter for these cute Pugs?

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I believe dogs are the next humans.
This video contains the living proof that dogs have just gone one step ahead in the evolution chain. (Actually it’s quite a lot of steps you’ll be seeing.)
Before you know it dogs will know how to hunt with a stick, instead of just fetching it! Smart little fella’s I tell ya.

Not convinced yet? Then you’d better start to watch the video below.

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What would you do if you were a wee little cute Jack Russel and you’ve just retrieved a ball for your delightful owner, but now the man won’t throw the ball away for you!
Well, cute Sid over here has come up with a good solution for that scenario, you just find yourself some stairs, push the ball down the stairs and quickly hop downstairs to wait for the ball to arrive – only to head upstairs again and repeat this!

Would you have come up with something as brilliant as this as well? Didn’t think so!
Now it’s time to watch our cute Jack Russel Sid in action!

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Ever taken a good look at police or guard dogs?
Most people find them really scary, as they are trained to attack and have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. However, they might not be as scary as you think..!
Ofcourse, they won’t hesitate to bite you if their owner tells them to and I don’t suggest petting them before asking their owner. But, most of these guard dogs are very well mannered and cuddly when they are off the job.
Just take a look at these dogs at King Ra’zac . All trained by their owner, Paula Braam, these dogs are not the kind you want to walk into in a dark alley at night. But look at how cute they actually are!
Amazing, right?
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