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Have you met Misery Bear yet? He’s not one of the luckiest bears in the world, or actually, he might even be one of the most unluckiest bears.. Nonetheless he’s pretty cute and I’m sure that just like myself, you’ll want to be watching more of his videos.

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Seals are adorable! What’s less adorable is being squashed by one, as they are quite heavy..
Although, I guess their cuteness overcomes the ‘less adorable’ part there, as Charlie here doesn’t seem too bothered to be getting squashed.

So people, if you have the day off and you’ve nothing to do, why not head for the beach and get yourself squashed by some recently-fed seals!

”Charlie Bird meets seals while travelling through Antarctica following the route of explorer Tom Crean’s final expedition alongside Ernest Shackleton aboard the Endurance in 1914-15.”

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Are you in love? Do you love love?? Are you about to say I do??
(And most importantly, do you loooove wood?)

If you’ve said yes to any of the above, you’re bound to love Morgann Hill Designs. They’ve got the perfect bridal gifts for a lovely wedding of which a lot can be personalized with initials or names. Most of the items that are for sale on their website are made out of wood, however they’ve also got some other nice gifts like candles, jars, and bouquets. So even if you’re not all that into wood, her shop is worth checking out.

The most interesting thing they’ve got for sale have to be the Memories in the Sand! These are pictures of names drawn into the sand, which would be very cute for wedding invitations or as a gift to your loved one. They seem to be quite popular as well as she’s made a whole lot of them!

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