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There’s a whole lot of rocks in antartica, but why bother looking for them yourself if you can ‘borrow’ them from your neighbors?
That’s exactly what these cute little criminal penguins were thinking when they saw their neighbors coming home with some nice rocks.

Yes, penguins, I say it’s time to evolve and buy yourselves a nice home with a big lock on the door! (But please don’t stop trying to steal rocks from each other, because it’s adorably cute!)

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The owl getting petted in this video looks like it’s the happiest creature in the whole world and it’s expression is just so cute, I had to share it with you!
Because cute owl is being cute!

Now I think it’s time for a visit to the falconry, because these birds are just so cute.

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I was confused for a second here, but this cute puppy is an actual dog and not a toy!
It loves chewing on the ears of innocent (unless proven otherwise) cats and fortunately for the puppy, this cat doesn’t seem to mind it too much, because I think we all know what would happen when a cat does mind..

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”This is our five month old cat Oskar. He was born with no formed eyeballs and hence he cannot see at all! His blindness does not hold him back at all — he can do pretty much everything that our “normal” cat Klaus can do.”

Looks like his blindness doesn’t hold back his cuteness either! Go Oskar! (I wonder how long this fight against the hair dryer lasted and who won?)

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If you can’t convince your parents to get a bunny, get the next best thing!
A ferret with a bunny hat!! You’re guaranteed to get your parents’ approval after seeing this video!

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We’ve all heard of them, people who try to rob banks. They are tough people with guns who like blowing things up and running off with a lot of money to spend on buying kitties, puppies and rainbow colored ducks. (It’s true!)

Fortunately they’re quite rare nowadays and really the only thing which is now annoying the banks are ATM-robbers. Banks have come up with all sorts of security measures, but this one has to be the best (and the cutest!) as they are now putting well trained top secret agent snakes in their ATM’s! You heard right!
These snakes can smell (with their tongue ofcourse, not with their nose) when a robber is at it and they will jump out and attack the robber!

Soon, robberies will be a thing from the past. (You’d better believe it, because it’s only a matter of time until the Anaconda’s are well trained.)

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All you need is the window of a car and some fries!

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If you thought Ballerina’s were cute little girls with pink dresses and a tidy knot in their hair, you are surely mistaken!
Ok I admit, most Ballerina’s do look like that, but there’s always the odd one out that’s extremely hairy and refuses to wear anything! No – I’m not talking about some scary old guy, I’m talking about a cute little guy called Milou! Milou is an orphan chimpanzee who lives in the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

He loves spinning around, and around and even more around! Until he’s so dizzy that he falls on the ground.. Or bumps into the camera! Cute little silly monkey!

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Cute animal of the week

This week we have been looking all over the place to find the cutest animal of the week!
In this case, not only did we find one animal, but we have found two animals who’ve earned this special place on our website!

Two adorable little piglets, who look like they’ve been in a paintball competition!

Source: Babyanimalz.com

Do you own an adorably cute pet, or do you know someone who does?
Or do you just happen to have a lovely picture of one?

Don’t hesitate to let us know by sending the picture and your name to info@lovelipops.com !

We will notify you per email if you’re picture turns out to have the cutest animal of the week on it! (meaning we will feature it here ofcourse!!)


..What are you still waiting for?

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Just look at these delicious little bread bears! They look so adorable in those cups. I bet they’d look even better if they’d be floating around in a bowl of soup! Or you could dip them in some milk maybe..
Ohhh, If only they were on my kitchen table, I’d be sinking my teeth into them as we speak!


Aw gosh, If only I had someone to make me some special cute bear bread!
Have you ever been able to make anything so yummy and cute like these bread bears? If so, you should share it with us!

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Saw something really cute?
Please let us know here and maybe we will post your image or youtube video.