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Cute animal of the week

This week we have been looking all over the place to find the cutest animal of the week!
In this case, not only did we find one animal, but we have found two animals who’ve earned this special place on our website!

Two adorable little piglets, who look like they’ve been in a paintball competition!

Source: Babyanimalz.com

Do you own an adorably cute pet, or do you know someone who does?
Or do you just happen to have a lovely picture of one?

Don’t hesitate to let us know by sending the picture and your name to info@lovelipops.com !

We will notify you per email if you’re picture turns out to have the cutest animal of the week on it! (meaning we will feature it here ofcourse!!)


..What are you still waiting for?

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Just look at these delicious little bread bears! They look so adorable in those cups. I bet they’d look even better if they’d be floating around in a bowl of soup! Or you could dip them in some milk maybe..
Ohhh, If only they were on my kitchen table, I’d be sinking my teeth into them as we speak!


Aw gosh, If only I had someone to make me some special cute bear bread!
Have you ever been able to make anything so yummy and cute like these bread bears? If so, you should share it with us!

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The zoo is a great place to watch cute animals do even cuter things. But I believe that the cutest things happen outside of the public eye. For instance, when it’s time to give a little baby Gorilla a bath!
So that’s why it’s time to share this lovely video with you, of Baby Joe the Gorilla who is very willingly taking his bath, with some help of one of the zoo keepers.

I just wonder what he’d be like during feeding time? I’m sure it would make for another extremely cute monkey video.

”Baby Joe and a chimpanzee from Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, UK take a bath. Lovely shots of Joe splashing around in ecstasy. Filmed in 1967.”

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I bet you thought that all those cute videos about cats doing funny things were all caught on camera by people being in the right place at the right time..
WRONG! Maru, kitten attacking a watermelon, keyboard cat, very angry cat, etc.. They’ve all been produced by some of the great minds at Kittywood Studios!

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”I said no kisses!”

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Here’s a video of a couple of cute kittens (and a very cute goat) playing around on a farm!

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Welcome to Canada!! Have a nice day!

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I believe dogs are the next humans.
This video contains the living proof that dogs have just gone one step ahead in the evolution chain. (Actually it’s quite a lot of steps you’ll be seeing.)
Before you know it dogs will know how to hunt with a stick, instead of just fetching it! Smart little fella’s I tell ya.

Not convinced yet? Then you’d better start to watch the video below.

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Nomnomnom nomnom- such a cute song and o my such a cute bunny we have here!
I feel an instant internet-hit coming on here. It’s just like nyan cat only way cuter, don’t you guys agree?

Well I agree with me. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch this video of the nomnom bunny ten times in a row because that’s how cute I think it is.

How many times will you be watching this sweet video? (Showing it to your friends when you’re in the same room does count as watching it again. Let’s face it, you’ll just be using it as an excuse to watch it again.)

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I already have my own vacuum cleaner, but if I hadn’t I’d definitely consider buying a hamster instead. Why?
Because they are the cutest vacuum cleaners in the world! And they are very effective, as you can see for yourself in the video below.
(I wonder how many bird seeds would fit into it’s tiny little mouth..)

Hoorah for extra cute hamsters! (extra hoorah for them cleaning the place!)

Omnomnomnom, and the dirt is gone!

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Saw something really cute?
Please let us know here and maybe we will post your image or youtube video.