Have you met Misery Bear yet? He’s not one of the luckiest bears in the world, or actually, he might even be one of the most unluckiest bears.. Nonetheless he’s pretty cute and I’m sure that just like myself, you’ll want to be watching more of his videos.

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Looking for something to cuddle? Well, look no further!

Cheryl Rogers has had 21 years of experience in making bears, which one can tell straight away when looking into the eyes of her cute little teddy be.. Eh, excuse me: Barney Bears!
Barney Bears are traditionally made bears, made of 100% mohair.

Make sure to pay the BarneyBears4u shop a visit by clicking here!

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If you’re into movies and games, you have to take a look at Eitanya’s stuff!
Thanks to her, we’ve all started dreaming about cuddling our very own 12″ Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia or even World of Warcraft plushie while playing our favourite games. To add to the fun, she’s even got a collection of cute hats, such as a Moogle or Darth Maul fleece hats to wear, in case anyone wants to play their games and watch their movies in style.

You’d all better turn off your consoles and DVD-players for a second and take some time to admire Eitanya’s gallery now ! !

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More cuddly bears!

I can’t get enough of them and I’m hoping you can’t either, bear plushies! These crocheted bears, handmade by Paula Stevens, are so cute I couldn’t help but make a post about them. I mean.. just look at them!

Click here to go to Crocheteddybears’ Shop, where you’ll find many more of these crocheted cuties!

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Browsing on the web, I’ve strolled across a cute and fuzzy little site, called Pepika.com.

The Amigurumi (literally meaning knitted stuffed toys) on Pepika are all handmade by Sanda, the owner of the website. And they all look so soft, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to cuddle them!

(I wish my mommy would’ve made me stuffed animals like this!)


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Looking for some more cuteness to cuddle with?

I figured as much. Here’s some more teddybears we’ve come across on the web! With a cute smile, shiny eyes and even eyelashes, each of them shows that a lot of work was put into them.

To see more of these cute bears click here!
Or to go to Julia’s shop on Etsy, click here.

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Saw something really cute?
Please let us know here and maybe we will post your image or youtube video.