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I love sitting at the table and making something cute! Apparently, I’m not the only one as so does the lady in the following video. And luckily for us, she’s sharing all her wisdom with us when it comes making a super-cute card with a skunk on it!

Enjoy enjoy!

For more of these lovely videos and much much more, you can visit mypinkstamper.com.

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Looking for something to cuddle? Well, look no further!

Cheryl Rogers has had 21 years of experience in making bears, which one can tell straight away when looking into the eyes of her cute little teddy be.. Eh, excuse me: Barney Bears!
Barney Bears are traditionally made bears, made of 100% mohair.

Make sure to pay the BarneyBears4u shop a visit by clicking here!

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Recycling is hip and happening – and do we know about it!

No, we don’t just mean separating your litter.. (although you definitely should!) What we’re talking about is to use something old and turn into something shiny and new!

There’s two girls on etsy.com who seem to know all about this as well. Sisters Dawn and Ronda have been using their bottle caps, scrabble and domino stones to make some nice jewellery! There’s a lot of these to be found on the internet, but they’ve managed to add a nice twist of vintage, cute and funny to their upcycled pendants, which I haven’t seen around yet!

What are you still here for? Go get some upcycled pendants now!! You can buy them at Giggles and Grins.

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If you’re artistic enough to want to make your own jewelry, then you’re probably artistic enough to be able to make something like this! A lovely little flower pendant to wear on a necklace!

Piece of cake, right? Well, good luck!

Source: HandmadeJewelryClub at YouTube

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Are you in love? Do you love love?? Are you about to say I do??
(And most importantly, do you loooove wood?)

If you’ve said yes to any of the above, you’re bound to love Morgann Hill Designs. They’ve got the perfect bridal gifts for a lovely wedding of which a lot can be personalized with initials or names. Most of the items that are for sale on their website are made out of wood, however they’ve also got some other nice gifts like candles, jars, and bouquets. So even if you’re not all that into wood, her shop is worth checking out.

The most interesting thing they’ve got for sale have to be the Memories in the Sand! These are pictures of names drawn into the sand, which would be very cute for wedding invitations or as a gift to your loved one. They seem to be quite popular as well as she’s made a whole lot of them!

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Looking all over the internet for things that would catch my eye, my time surely hasn’t been wasted. Because just have a look at what I’ve found today.

The characters from Sesame Street on it’s own are already lovely, but this zombie-twist that Sesame designer Evan Cheng gave them makes them absolutely adorable!

Want to walk around with some Sesame zombies on your shirt? Then be sure to visit Evan Cheng’s blogspot!

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If you’re into movies and games, you have to take a look at Eitanya’s stuff!
Thanks to her, we’ve all started dreaming about cuddling our very own 12″ Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia or even World of Warcraft plushie while playing our favourite games. To add to the fun, she’s even got a collection of cute hats, such as a Moogle or Darth Maul fleece hats to wear, in case anyone wants to play their games and watch their movies in style.

You’d all better turn off your consoles and DVD-players for a second and take some time to admire Eitanya’s gallery now ! !

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More cuddly bears!

I can’t get enough of them and I’m hoping you can’t either, bear plushies! These crocheted bears, handmade by Paula Stevens, are so cute I couldn’t help but make a post about them. I mean.. just look at them!

Click here to go to Crocheteddybears’ Shop, where you’ll find many more of these crocheted cuties!

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I’m really in a bit of a polymer clay mood here, that’s why I am sharing all these cute charms with you!
These charms were made by Funkypinkgal on youtube – and she has made a lot of them!
There’s some cute little bears in customes, a pancake, a melon cupcake and loads more, so I hope you’ve found yourself a good seat in front of your computer screen!

Want more of this clay-cuteness? Then you’d better keep following this blog – I’ll be sure to find you some more nice videos soon.

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Can things get too cute, possibly? Well, I think not!
Although this little polymer clay biscuit charm is really really cute!!

I’ve made a whole bunch of polymer clay charms myself, I’ve made all sorts of fruits, cupcakes, panda’s and bunnies – but none of them looked as good as this biscuit!
I guess I have an awful lot to learn from this tutorial. wink

So what do you think, are you going to have a try at it? But do remember, you can’t eat polymer clay charms – even though they may look delicious!

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