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I bet you thought that all those cute videos about cats doing funny things were all caught on camera by people being in the right place at the right time..
WRONG! Maru, kitten attacking a watermelon, keyboard cat, very angry cat, etc.. They’ve all been produced by some of the great minds at Kittywood Studios!

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I believe dogs are the next humans.
This video contains the living proof that dogs have just gone one step ahead in the evolution chain. (Actually it’s quite a lot of steps you’ll be seeing.)
Before you know it dogs will know how to hunt with a stick, instead of just fetching it! Smart little fella’s I tell ya.

Not convinced yet? Then you’d better start to watch the video below.

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Nomnomnom nomnom- such a cute song and o my such a cute bunny we have here!
I feel an instant internet-hit coming on here. It’s just like nyan cat only way cuter, don’t you guys agree?

Well I agree with me. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch this video of the nomnom bunny ten times in a row because that’s how cute I think it is.

How many times will you be watching this sweet video? (Showing it to your friends when you’re in the same room does count as watching it again. Let’s face it, you’ll just be using it as an excuse to watch it again.)

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Brazillian footballers, you may or may not think them cute – but – as for their children.. Well, there’s really only one possible opinion there. They’re the cutest of all!
Just look what this little guy has learned from his daddy Robinho. It will only be a matter of time until he’s a professional footballer, just like his daddy!

Aren’t kids sweet?

Have you been learning your kid anything special lately? If so, please share it with us by posting a video of your child showing off their newly found skills on this blog!

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Don’t be fooled by this posts title, not all children with cellphones are cute!
There’s a few that may smash your cellphone the instant you hand it over to them, others will try to swallow it in whole and there’s the odd few that stick it in their diaper right before they are about to launch a number 2 in there..

But this little boy is pretty cute! I wonder who he’s talking to and what he’s saying?
Let’s just hope the person on the other end of the line is getting all of this.

Can I dare anyone to translate this and post the whole conversation log here?

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Sometimes it’s time for first things first. And this time it’s the first time that this Corgi has seen an ice cube for the first time in his time.
Confused yet? I would hope so.

Because that would mean you’d probably stop reading my silly text which I’m writing here and hop right off to the below video of a super cute Corgi encountering an ice cube! And we all know how interesting yet scary it can be to encounter something new, so time to look at this cute puppy being interested in a scared way! (And in a cute way ofcourse!)

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Ever had one of those days, where you just wanted to take a nap on your dad’s head?
Maybe it’s not perfect, he does have high cheekbones that kinda push in your stomach and his curly hair does kinda itch..
But it’s still a good place to sleep. Ofcourse, it’s not something you should be doing once you’re older than a few months, because your dad might get a bit of a headache that way and that wouldn’t be too kind now would it? For now, he doesn’t seem to mind it much though.

Hoorah for daddies.

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Isn’t love beautiful? It doesn’t even matter if you’re chubby, tiny and hairy and you’re eyes are bulging out of your skull, as long as an elegant royalty with long legs and shiny eyes adores you life will still be perfect!
And in this lovely video that’s just the case. Opposite attraction? I’d say so – Although I’m not completely sure anyone has told the little French Bulldog that the huge Police Horse isn’t a dog. However, they still make a lovely couple.

These lovely two would make for the cutest couple of the year, If you’d ask me.

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How would your kids react if you’d have eaten all of their Halloween Candy?

Would they be worried you’d get a stomach ache and give you a lecture on your bad behavior, or would they open the water holes and make a whole lot of noise?
Find out next Halloween! (Or find out what happens this Christmas when you say you’ve sold all of their Christmas presents in order to buy yourself those lovely golden earrings you’ve been wanting!)

Nothing cuter than the results of tricking your kids. (But seriously, don’t do this too often. Otherwise you might regret when you’re living in their house and they’re telling you that they’ve accidentally lost your only pair of teeth.)

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Meet Boxie.

It’s not hard to tell where this cute little cardboard robot got it’s name from.
Boxie is a mobile interactive robotic camera built with the goal of actively capturing stories about its environment and the people within it. It was made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

From the looks of the people which Boxie has encountered in this video, it seems that most people fall for it’s charms! Wouldn’t you fall in love with such a helpless cute little cardboard creature when you saw it? (I did!!)
I wonder if the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is planning on making more of these adorably cute robots soon?

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