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Nomnomnom nomnom- such a cute song and o my such a cute bunny we have here!
I feel an instant internet-hit coming on here. It’s just like nyan cat only way cuter, don’t you guys agree?

Well I agree with me. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch this video of the nomnom bunny ten times in a row because that’s how cute I think it is.

How many times will you be watching this sweet video? (Showing it to your friends when you’re in the same room does count as watching it again. Let’s face it, you’ll just be using it as an excuse to watch it again.)

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I already have my own vacuum cleaner, but if I hadn’t I’d definitely consider buying a hamster instead. Why?
Because they are the cutest vacuum cleaners in the world! And they are very effective, as you can see for yourself in the video below.
(I wonder how many bird seeds would fit into it’s tiny little mouth..)

Hoorah for extra cute hamsters! (extra hoorah for them cleaning the place!)

Omnomnomnom, and the dirt is gone!

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What’s the matter? Have you not seen a cat on it’s way home with a bag full of groceries before?
Well, to be honest I hadn’t either. There’s something fishy about this video though… I bet it’s the sardines that are hidden on the bottom of the grocery bag! (Why else would the cat bring the groceries home?)

Does your cat come home with bags full of stuff after going shopping as well? Then you should definitely share it with us!! We love cats that do the shopping.
So purr-fectly cute.

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Here’s a compilation of some cute cats that are (not all voluntarily) getting into the water!
Which do you think is the most cute? Leave a response in the comments below! My favourite is the kitty in the tub with the little towel on it’s head, so adorable!

O, and don’t try this at home! (Because cute kitties have sharp nails, etcetera..)

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Kittens love to make everything difficult. They love to stand in the way of whatever it is your doing and their main goal is to make daily life as impossible as possible for us.

And we just love it when they do that!

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For all lovers of Jewelry and all lovers of Steampunk, we’ve found the perfect website for you!

London Particulars is a nice little store on Etsy, where you can get all into Steampunk fashion! Whether you’re looking for necklaces, earrings, rings or even cufflinks and tie tacks, they’ve got it all!
So if you’ve got some time on your hands, get ready to admire what London Particulars has crafted together.

You can either go directly to their website by clicking here, or you can visit their shop on Etsy by clicking here.

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Every dog has his play. When certain things are left with dogs, anything can happen.

Where are these dogs going in such a hurry? Shot with a Phantom HD Gold at 1000fps, see dogs moving in slow motion like you’ve never seen them before!

Learn more about Beneful at http://www.beneful.com/
Dogs should be maintained in good body condition and not allowed to become overweight.

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Cutest kitten EVER.

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Since October is coming up and Halloween is around the corner, there’s plenty of pumpkins around, getting ready for the party!
Not all of the guests will be able to attend this year, as besides of the usual threats (i.e. fanatic halloween-loving pumpkin-carvers & pumpkin-pie bakers) the people of Bronx Zoo have now come up with a tad more of a cute idea to destroy pumpkins.

Yes, it is true, pumpkins were harmed during the making of this lovely video, but sacrifices have to be made every now and then to capture cute things on camera.

The people of Central Park Zoo also gave a hand in making sure at least one cute kitty-faced pumpkin wouldn’t make it until the 30th of October, as they’ve called in the help of a Snow Leopard to do some carving this year.

Time for the pumpkin to become a protected fruit! Don’t you think?

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Brazillian footballers, you may or may not think them cute – but – as for their children.. Well, there’s really only one possible opinion there. They’re the cutest of all!
Just look what this little guy has learned from his daddy Robinho. It will only be a matter of time until he’s a professional footballer, just like his daddy!

Aren’t kids sweet?

Have you been learning your kid anything special lately? If so, please share it with us by posting a video of your child showing off their newly found skills on this blog!

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