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How to explain to your daughter why some barbie dolls are white, and others are black? Well, this dad decided the best answer to that question was: ”When girls turn 4 years old, they turn black!”

Cutest angry reaction ever.

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Since October is coming up and Halloween is around the corner, there’s plenty of pumpkins around, getting ready for the party!
Not all of the guests will be able to attend this year, as besides of the usual threats (i.e. fanatic halloween-loving pumpkin-carvers & pumpkin-pie bakers) the people of Bronx Zoo have now come up with a tad more of a cute idea to destroy pumpkins.

Yes, it is true, pumpkins were harmed during the making of this lovely video, but sacrifices have to be made every now and then to capture cute things on camera.

The people of Central Park Zoo also gave a hand in making sure at least one cute kitty-faced pumpkin wouldn’t make it until the 30th of October, as they’ve called in the help of a Snow Leopard to do some carving this year.

Time for the pumpkin to become a protected fruit! Don’t you think?

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Time for a heartwarming story about a cute deer: Meet Mia!
Bambi called Mia
Mia is an orphan deer that was found on the side of a busy german road, after her mother had sadly been killed by a car.
Lucky for Mia, she was rescued by the Ackermann family and was taken into their home. Nowadays Mia is getting along great with the Ackermann’s children, their cat and even with their dogs! And the future has more brightness for Mia, because someday she might even be released back into the woods..!

To view more photo’s of Mia frolicking around, you can visit this website.

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Brazillian footballers, you may or may not think them cute – but – as for their children.. Well, there’s really only one possible opinion there. They’re the cutest of all!
Just look what this little guy has learned from his daddy Robinho. It will only be a matter of time until he’s a professional footballer, just like his daddy!

Aren’t kids sweet?

Have you been learning your kid anything special lately? If so, please share it with us by posting a video of your child showing off their newly found skills on this blog!

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If you’re artistic enough to want to make your own jewelry, then you’re probably artistic enough to be able to make something like this! A lovely little flower pendant to wear on a necklace!

Piece of cake, right? Well, good luck!

Source: HandmadeJewelryClub at YouTube

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When you’re a dog, you can make even the simple things in life look hilariously foolish. Or maybe it’s the other way around – the simple things make you look hilarious.
Either way this video of a beagle acting rather strange made me smile, so it’s worth putting up here.

I wonder if his cheeks are going to get all stretched up by this and if he well end up looking like a bloodhound? Either way, I’m just glad he doesn’t seem to have sensitive teeth, because I know I wouldn’t like to have cold wind blown directly at my pearly whites. Nope!

Can your dog do something funny too? You’d better share it with us quickly!

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Have you always wanted to make your own candy buffet as well? Well, here’s a video that will show you exactly how it’s done!
Careful though, as it might cause for some serious drooling to occur!

Click here to learn how to make a candy buffet

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I think I’ll be moving into my own bird house soon. So cute and tiny!

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Thought I’d share this lovely video of a cute baby elephant with you all!
This cute little elephant still needs to get used to everything, including its trunk! He seems quite unsure of what he should be doing with it – should he step on it? Try to chew on it? It all seems a bit funny.

I suppose it would take some time to get used to your nose, if it has the shape of a huge snake. I’m sure this cute little Elephant will get there though!

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It is frustrating enough when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere and a mother duck decides to cross the road with her sweet little chicks just in front of your car, making you wait a few loooong minutes.
It gets even more frustrating when there’s a whole bunch of ducks crossing the road as if they’re trying to break the world record!! Actually, it’s just crazy!

But, I still think it’s cute. Everyone with me on that one?

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